Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get to Work

I'm a fretter.

I overthink EV...ER...Y...THING.

Why, yes. You're right. It IS very annoying! So what do I do to combat this flaw?

I get to work.


For the past month, I've been fretting over this blog. Should I even have a blog? Should I use my name for the title? Or something cuter? Maybe a clever pun?

And what will I write about? Obviously, as a picture book writer, I could focus on something within the kid lit community. But wait! What about all this other stuff going on in my head? I know! Water towers! How about! (Only a few friends at Arkansas SCBWI would get that one). Maybe a little discussion on 17th-century concrete poetry? Tardigrades? Politics? Ack! Don't go there. Nooooo!

No, no, no. DELETE

Then I remembered the advice of Justin Chanda, VP publisher and editor at Simon & Schuster (so he must know what he's talking about, right?!). I had the opportunity to hear him speak at the SCBWI Western Washington Spring Conference back in April. He said not to worry about a blog or website. That you're a writer FIRST. And he's right. I quit thinking about having a website and got down to work. And the most amazing thing happened...

I finished a manuscript. Oh yeah.

I started a submission letter. That's what I'm talkin' about!

And then I had an idea for a post...

So yeah. I'll worry about a fancy website later. In the meantime, I'll have this blog for connecting with other writers. Maybe you'll get a small glimpse of my journey in writing. Maybe you'll even be inspired on your own journey. LET'S DO THIS!

So what are YOU waiting for?


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