Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Book Potluck

Books are social creatures. They need to meet and be around people. They can't sit around on the shelf forever. It's bad for their health. Just think of all that dust!

Apparently, my little neighborhood understands this. We brought together (like a book potluck) over 100 children's books for the Snohomish Book Cafe. Board books, easy readers, middle grade, name it. The bottom line - that's over a hundred children who will get their hands on a free book throughout the summer!

Imagine what we can do by this time next year.

So keep 'em moving, folks. Get those books off the shelves. Get those pages turning! Read them, love them, share them. Send them out into the big, wide world. Oh, the places they will go...

Thank you, neighbors. I hope this will become an annual book potluck tradition!

Cheers =)

The Snohomish Book Cafe brings books to children
at various locations within Snohomish County, WA

Ain't she cute? We call her Polly

[ Photos courtesy of Jenny Granger ]

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