Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Brilliant Idea of the Month (MyBrIdMo) #1: The Book Drone

I pride myself on having great ideas. I'm talking really, REALLY great ideas!!!

Like the one where I recommended all hunting shacks in Arkansas be turned to deer shelters to keep those poor little (ahem) dears...warm during winter. Or the one to throw out the idea that people are citizens of a specific country and granting each man, woman, and child a Citizenry of Earth Passport to freely live and travel as they please. No more borders!


So when I heard the Everett book mobile was retiring due to lack of funding, I thought to myself, WE CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN! Something needs to be done. Maybe Pegasus (the bookmobile) just needs a little R&R. After all, she's been a faithful worker since 1924...

In the meantime, how about we continue her job of getting books into the hands of readers by this: we send a fleet of drones to do the job for her. Introducing…drumroll please…the Book Drone Delivery Program. A fleet of baby Pegasuses (Pegasi?) delivering books near, far, and wide! I mean, drones are all the rage now, am I right? What could possibly go wrong? Besides maybe a book falling on someone's head…or into a lake…or getting shot down out of the sky into someone’s backyard...

Brilliant Illustration of the Book Drone Delivery Program.
All rights reserved.

Hey, is that really so bad? me. Maybe I can help get your program off the ground...

You, too, Washington. 

Books are powerful weapons.