Thursday, February 12, 2015

So this happened today...

Folding laundry. The usual. Separating kid clothes from adult clothes, matching socks, folding towels, making piles. Except this time, I put my son's jeans in MY pile, thinking they were mine. No, definitely not the same in waist size (ya think?!), but nearly the same in length. FINALLY something exciting had happened in the mundane task that is laundry.

Which brings me to this (and the connection with writing): KEEP AT IT. Those submission and query letters are just plain awful. Dull, tedious...downright DREADFUL! But if you do it long enough, and make it routine, something EXCITING just may happen.

And don't forget. It's easy to get all wrapped up in this writing business. With anything work related. We're ambitious, I know. But these kids are growing up fast. Let's create more time to spend with them. Let's know when to shut off the computer and put down our pens. Let's give them our attention. As one of my favorite non-fiction authors once said, "Rock them babies...rock them babies."

Because one day, they won't need us to do their laundry. And we're actually gonna miss that.