Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dear Blog,

So much is going on, which is why I haven't written in ages.
And this time I promise to hit the "publish" button instead of keeping this post hidden from the world.
AND I promise to finish this post instead of leaving it not-even-half-way done...

Hmmm, I was really tempted to break my promise. I'm such a reluctant writer.

Ok, I was just about to break that promise again! Time to push through.

I just read a motivational article by Darcy Pattison. In it, she encourages writers to START AGAIN. And AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. This is great advice for me, because guess what? WRITING CAN BE HARD! At least when the inner critic is in the driver's seat. Heck, even in the passenger's seat! Time to conjure up a really cheesy action-adventure movie where there's a high speed chase. You know the one. Where the bad guy (inner critic) climbs onto the roof of his moving vehicle, jumps onto another car (my brain), and makes his way in. OK, now for the fun part. While driving and swerving to avoid big semi-trucks, I've got to somehow knock this guy out or throw him out of my car. Only thing is, he comes in handy later for revision time.

Oh dear. Now I'm mulling over my options. I know I said I wouldn't break that promise, but I find myself...freezing up.

Time to push through.

Glancing in the rearview mirror to make sure no car was right behind her, our heroine slams on the breaks. The critic, not wearing a seat belt, hits the dash and slumps over, with little blue birdies circling his head. Reaching over, our heroine opens the passenger door and sends the critic rolling down a steep embankment. 

Our heroine notices he is yelling some pretty useful stuff on his way down...

But don't worry. He'll be back. They always come back. Perhaps next time by helicopter.

But, until then...

Now our heroine can enjoy the freedom of writing. Now she can start again. She presses down on the pedal and cruises down the highway into the sunset. The end.

Whew. Well, even bad writing is writing!

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