Monday, January 9, 2017

Just a biopsy...

Today is the big day.

I'm going in for a biopsy. On a tumor. In my brain.

I remind myself that it is just a biopsy and not a complete removal where they open up the entire skull. Just a drill and a screw. And then just a needle inserted into that to swab around. Just 2-3 hours in the operating room. 

Could be worse…

Which reminds me of two great books, by the way:

The Yiddish Version (I LOVE IT!)


Since my diagnosis on December 7th, I have been very busy. Yes, they have me on a steroid.

I have finished 2 out of 3 of my winter quarter courses in Early Childhood & Family Studies. Only one more class to turn from an incomplete to a grade.

Speaking of grade, I'm really hoping the tumor is low-grade (1) and slow growing! But it could be intermediate (2). 

Could be worse (3 and 4). 

Back to business. Busyness.

I have organized the pantry.            

I have been making etsy purchases for the kitchen and home.
I have been up at all hours writing, nesting, and playing Seeker's Notes.
(I'm totally hooked on this eye spy game)

And let's not forget the kingdom…

I have enjoyed Christmas. I have enjoyed my family. I have enjoyed speaking with old and new friends. I have been amazed at my incredibly generous neighbors who have set up a meal train. I am forever grateful. 

I truly do live in Eden. 

Seriously. My next door neighbor is in the 501st Legion
PLUS…he and his wife are BREWERS.🍻

Heaven on earth...

I am taking part in STORYSTORM 2017, generating ideas for picture books (formerly PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). It has been so INSPIRING!

I also began reading a gem of a book. It should be in every writer's toolkit. Truly amazing and inspirational.

I have even enjoyed a couple of outings into Snohomish (my little Stars Hollow) for it's library, antique shops, and eateries.

I have been smothered with gifts. My husband has been amazing. The kids have stepped up to help with laundry, dishes, etc. 

Here is my new Napa (FINALLY! Took a brain tumor to get one!) that is now my WIZARD ROBE. And my modified dragon cane, ahem, WIZARD STAFF.

I have some bling arriving in the mail soon that I will add to the robe.

I also plan on celebrating Mardi Gras. ALL SEASON LONG!

Let the good times roll, y'all.

Ready for all things


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