Friday, January 20, 2017

Still On Stand By

Still waiting for biopsy results. I will know something by the 24th of January. Only 4 more days…

So while I'm on Stand By, I thought I'd share a post on parenting. Because my kids are definitely on my mind right now. 

Now that they are older, I do have a little more breathing room. The preschool years are long gone. 


Sure, there are new challenges, but we're no longer in Base Camp. We've moved up the trail to slightly higher ground and can look back. Take in a view. 

A VIEW! Parents, I remember those days of being right in the thorny thick of it, up close and gross. Hang in there! You will one day get your view…and maybe even learn how to breathe again. Whew!

Here is one book I remember from those days: 

A  more recent book I just can't rave enough about is by Shefali Tsabary:

It has been a HUGE HELP.  It may have a somewhat different approach than what our culture is used to, but KEEP READING! Basically, you work on yourself first and stop trying to "fix" your child. Casting the beam from your own eye to see clearly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Lastly, I will leave you with a few parenting tips. I hope they help :)

  • LISTEN to your child with full attention (It's tough. I just had a delay yesterday when I was on the iPad. Keep practicing!)
  • SHARE your feelings (both good and bad) with them (When they see you open up, they see you respect yourself. They will learn by example - and maybe even open up to you)
  • TAKE IT OUTSIDE. Nature is a wonderful healing tool. Take advantage! (great for those surly teens, too)
  • Take time to REFLECT on your own childhood memories. Share those stories with your child. If it is a positive memory, maybe you could even recreate it in the present 💖


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