Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Update on oligodendroglioma

What do you think? Is John Oliver a good new look for me? 😆😁🤣😫

Two weeks ago I had not so great MRI. Tumor has not only grown, but now there is an egg sized cyst.  This explains increase in seizure intensity. It was a shock to find this out. Thought I was doing ok. Handwriting and typing is totally fine now. Had another MRI (Happy Mother's Day!) to check motor fibers to see if surgery can be done safely. At the least, we will have the cyst drained and then aggressive treatment of 5-6 weeks daily radiation and chemo. It's not all bad, though. Best joke of the day (inspired by new hooded robe): I am Obi-mom-kinobi 😆😂👏👏

I will continue to write and read for as long as possible! I may even start sprucing up my manuscripts fo