Monday, June 26, 2017

brain surgery!

I am alive and well after brain surgery!

I was so scared that a) I would wake up DURING surgery and freak out, b) I would not wake up AFTER surgery and freak out, c) the surgeon would poke different areas of my brain and be completely freaked out, and d) all of the above.

However, my neurosurgeon is amazing. He was able to remove most of the tumor, plus the ballooning cyst. They sent it to lab and there were a few "hot spots" on the pathology report showing slightly higher grade (not quite a 3, but more like a 2.5). I went to see my neuro-oncologist to discuss radiation and he said I can delay it for a year or two since the surgery went so well in removing those hot spots. YAY! Now I can enjoy my summer. I still need to do chemo, but it's in pill form (Temodar). Very convenient with not as many side effects as IV form.

So here is my updated To-Do list:

And now for something completely random...

My surgeon lived for a time in Tyler, Tx, not too far from my hometown of Shreveport, La. Small world. I have no idea what he managed to do there other than go to a couple honkytonks and a Dairy Queen. Both of those sound pretty good right about now. Hey, maybe he ran into Matthew McConaughey. You never know.

My oncologist's first name is Jerome. It's one of my favorite names, because it's a ghost town in Arizona where we went one summer vacation. Look it up! It's awesome. My oncologist is pretty awesome, too.

My tourist t-shirt looked something like this:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Jerome
I have to write it here because my husband begged me not to bring it up at the doctor's office. I am very good at embarrassing him with trivialities. It's just too darn fun. I will most likely bring it up anyway. Once you are diagnosed with brain cancer, you just don't give a care about what people think of you as much as you once did. YOU GOTTA DO YOU. I may even try to find that t-shirt. 😂

I'll sign off for now, but remember, if you or your loved one is struggling with a health issue (or any serious issue), please know there is help and support out there. Try to find the right medication, reach out to others, start a gratitude journal, listen to music, etc. Do what you've been wanting to do for a long time. Seek joy.

It's been a roller coaster ride for me (I happen to not like those) and I am not always chipper and optimistic. But hopefully, some good will come out of hardship. In fact, it already has. I've met some wonderful people (like Dr. Tyler, Tx and Jerome) and have had more quality time with my family. Try to focus on the positive, and when you can't, just breathe. Hold on. You're not alone. 💖